31 College Majors as Britney Spears Songs

Summer is officially coming to a close. Though that news once brought me sadness, moving back to school for a new semester is nothing but good news. To celebrate the kick-off of my junior year and all the analytical essays I will no doubt have to suffer through, I figured I could shake up my blog a bit with something less serious. College can be so stressful, so to lighten the load a little, here are 31 college majors as Britney Spears songs– which one are you?

1. Crime and Deviance Studies – “Criminal”

You love preserving social control as much as Britney loves her hot, criminal boyfriend.

2. Chemistry – “Toxic”

Beware of chemicals in the lab and addictive relationships.

3. Psychology – “Inside Out”

No, not the 2015 Pixar film. Britney offers a psychological discourse comparative to Freud in “Inside Out”.

4. Biology – “Touch of My Hand”

Britney can teach bio majors a thing or two about anatomy in this… explorative ballad.

5. Astronomy – “Alien”

Thanks to this year’s solar eclipse, your major shines a little brighter this semester.

6. Computer Science – “E-Mail My Heart”

Just like you, Britney has always been technologically advanced.

7. Physics – “Up N’ Down”

After there was Sir Isaac Newton, there was Britney. Then you. What’s the velocity of my hips swaying to this bop?

8. Communications – “Break the Ice”

From small group com to public speaking, you definitely know how to break the ice.

9. International Relations – “Piece of Me”

IR students aspire to one day slip away to the Philippines and solve global crises.

10. Theater Arts – “Dramatic”

The theater kid gets the only ~unreleased~ Britney track for their major. You’re a drama queen and you’re proud.

11. Gender Studies – “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” and “Boys”

This one is a twofer because you firmly believe in gender equality.

12. Health and Human Performance – “Stronger”

You can often be spotted on campus working on your fitness.

13. Creative Writing – “Dear Diary”

You and Britney are storytellers, composing last-minute small writings moments before submission time.

14. Political Science – “Toy Soldier”

You’re a political queen, ready to wage war during in-class debates.

15. History – “…Baby One More Time”

You love history. Name something more historic than “…Baby One More Time”.

16. Education – “If U Seek Amy”

This sweet nursery rhyme shows how much Britney loves kids– something you have in common. Education majors are also freaky on the DL.

17. Spanish – “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

You’re a bilingual queen who kills it at international school functions.

Britney Spears – Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) from Britsy on Vimeo.

18. French – “Coupure Électrique”

You’re a TRIlingual legend just like Britney. Très chic.

Coupure Electrique from Thomas Aaron Blocker on Vimeo.

19. Mathematics – “3”

Congrats! You and Britney can both count!

20. Business Administration – “Work Bitch”

You’re all about work ethic. You plan to reach Britney-level entrepreneurship one day.

21. Religious Studies – “Heaven On Earth”

You’re a holy queen who can be found at coffee shop Bible studies.

22. Sociology – “Radar”

You’re the most woke in your social circle. Everyone is on your radar.

23. Pre-Law – “Liar”

If you’re an aspiring lawyer, Britney is singing about your future talents.

Britney Spears Liar from little ok on Vimeo.

24. Music – “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Music is 100% your thing. Your friends may not understand late-night rehearsals, but they make you excited enough to lick up gasoline (?)

25. Statistics – “Lucky”

If you study stats, you live on luck. Lucky is your middle name.

26. Peace and Justice Studies – “Invitation”

Ever been fully at peace? Listen to the Glory album opener.

Britney Spears – Invitation (Animated Video) from Aleksa Vasić on Vimeo.

27. Marketing – “Phonography”

You’re all about media marketing and you love a good campus Snapchat story.

28. English & Literary Studies – “Cinderella”

Both you and Brit are classic lit fans. The Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, this version of Cinderella.

29. Economics – “Gimme More”

It’s econ, bitch. Whether you’re enrolled in micro or macro, you’re all about the $ $ $.

30. Dance – “Me Against the Music”

Grueling studio hours make your major feel like a battle. But Britney herself is a dancing queen, and you never disappoint.

31. Art – “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

Art students are pretty much losing it 24/7. You never see them. They are art-ing at all hours of the night.

If your major wasn’t listed, fear not. There is a Britney song for every day of the year and every occasion. If cheeky lists are your kind of blog content, let me know.
Everyone have a great semester! 💙