What I’ve Been Up To | An Update

So I left the blogosphere for a hot minute– but for good reason! I wanted to take the time to address a couple exciting items behind my absence. Though I’ve felt guilty for dedicating focus elsewhere, I’m excited to share what I’ve been doing as well as take a victory lap back to my blog for film and pop culture discussion.

My Short Film

For about three months, I put about 90% of my energy into a short film for the annual film festival at my college. With a year of advanced screen studies curriculum under my belt, I wanted this project to reflect the professionalism I had been learning about. I went from assembling films on iMovie with footage from a point-and-shoot to using mics, lighting and competitive editing software. It may not look like much, but I wrote and directed it all on my own without any sort of financial backing. The short film is not perfect, but it’s mine and I hope it makes viewers smile.

I drew inspiration from the Wayans brothers’ comedy and Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens. My short film is definitively a passion project that involved many of my friends on campus. At our awards screening, Tales was awarded Audience Choice and Best Comedic Picture. That night I was beaming. While I was so so so proud of our wins, I already felt as though I had won with so much support from the community. Love, sweat and elbow grease went into the project and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. Share Tales from University and Other Urban Legends with your friends like I was able to with mine.

I Was On A Podcast!

This one is cool. Over my spring break, I was contacted by the blogger behind What I Watched TonightTo make a long story short, I had the pleasure of starring on the What I Watched Tonight Show podcast! Matt and I had a great conversation; it was the first time I felt recognized as a blogger and an intellectual. Be sure to check out my episode as well as his incredible catalogue of podcasts and movie reviews. This experience further opened my eyes to the world of movie/entertainment bloggers– a world I am so appreciate being a part of!

Listen to the episode HERE!


She bad AND she boujee. Yes, I spent the most money I’ve ever spent on myself to the MoviePass subscription service. Simply *swiping* at any theater I please makes me feel like a like a total celebrity. Jokes aside, I committed to this purchase solely for my blog. MoviePass makes movie viewing a commitment and that’s just what I needed to make film analyses a regular thing.

Harry got MoviePass

I’m coming off the most demanding semester I’ve ever had so I’m still navigating the best way to churn out reviews post-viewing. With MoviePass, my hope is to keep blog content relevant and, if at all possible, more frequent. Again, I rarely splurge on myself. The investment in MoviePass is an investment in MyJawbreakers and all my readers.

Hurricane Poppy

Unrelated to movies, music and television, I adopted a kitten. She’s a menace and my little best friend. I think the only person who loves her more than I do is my fiancé– I think she prefers her dad. Being a kitty mom has taken up a lot of my time, but also given me so much joy! Poppy’s hobbies include nibbling, kitty yoga, koi fish videos and watching movies with us. Maybe once I teach her how to read she can follow posts on here.

. . .

Thank you for the growth in readership on my blog and continued support on social media. I love everything about this space I have created for myself and the opportunities it has opened for me.

Stay blessed and I’ll see you at the movies.