Ever since I could remember I have been drawn to media. Television, music, films and the in-betweens captivated my attention at an early age and my obsession stuck throughout the years. As a child of the digital age, I have watched popular culture morph into a part of my daily life. The air I breathed was multimedia, celebrity and fame.

I quickly realized this wasn’t a coincidence. What our culture sees in the media is only a reflection of ourselves. Social issues and politics have weaved their way into our entertainment without our knowledge. It’s right there and we still dismiss it as cheap and cheerful. That’s where I come in.

My Jawbreakers (title inspired by the 1999 film)  is my dialogue of what I see. I have a passion for celebrity and entertainment news and I have dedicated this blog to providing thorough analysis for readers. I want to unpack the sociological meaning of Kim Kardashian’s selfies. Together we can find some answers in this modern mess. Let’s get to looking. Enjoy.

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