In Defense of Jack Black Being Hot

A body-positive clip from School of Rock (2003) has recently gone viral. As a result, almost 18 years after the childhood classic was released, folks on the internet are ready to admit star Jack Black is hot.

The clip in question features a discussion between Black’s character, music teacher Dewey Finn, and his student Tamika, who is insecure before an onstage performance because of her weight. Black’s character assures Tamika she has something “everybody wants”: talent in an amazing singing voice.

Dewey Finn continues in his reassurance to Tamika that even despite his “weight issue,” the audience worships him onstage when he gets into his rock groove.

Once I get up onstage, start doing my thing, people worship me! Because I’m sexy and chubby, man.

School of Rock (2003)

The sweet movie clip quickly trended on Twitter, turning many to nostalgic appreciation of the actor and his many popular family films. The exchange between characters in School of Rock served as a reminder to many of Jack Black’s zany and refreshing confidence.

Social media attention on Black also led some to admit feelings they may have been sitting on over the past decade or so: Jack Black really is sexy.

The “Jack Black discourse,” as many have identified the discussion on Twitter, has welcomed many to come forward to affirm Black is attractive, despite beauty norms discussed in School of Rock. It’s “completely normal to want to bone Jack Black,” Emily Alford argued for Jezebel, “yet we do not speak of it.”

Moviegoers love Black for the distinct persona he has forged as an entertainer over the years; he marches to the beat of his own drum and rocks out with unapologetic humor. But does his signature appearance bar those good qualities from making him a hottie?

While plus-size women in Hollywood have sparked numerous conversations about body positivity, attitudes around male actors are largely body neutral. We accept Jack Black as husky and short in his successful career as an actor and entertainer. Though he plays leading roles in Blockbuster movies, Jack Black has never been typecast as a sex symbol. It’s safe to say his sex appeal is never played up for its legitimacy in his films.

Yet many came forward with tweets in support of Jack Black’s hotness following the viral clip. As his character explained in School of Rock, chubby and sexy aren’t mutually exclusive qualities. With a growing surge in popularity of the dad bod, it’s possible the public is becoming more openly welcoming of varied body types as sexually attractive.

While media perpetuates a flawless version of reality, the Jack Black discourse proves people are more complex in their desires than cookie-cutter social norms. Human sexuality isn’t limited to Barbie and Ken doll types; what we find desirable comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. For Jack Black, his swagger is in a league of its own. And that’s what being hot is all about.

Header image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic